*sold out* featuring Ian Loring Shiver



40 pages, 8”x10”, Digital Offset, Full color, Singer Sewn Bound, Printed in first edition of 50, Hand numbered, Printed by Conveyor Studio, Designed by Nick Massarelli. Each book comes with a 12x15 inch poster.

open book
poster insert

DRAFT is an ongoing series of books that provide an outlet for the unfinished products and abandoned ideas of established visual artists. Each book is one project by one artist. This is the work you've never seen because it didn't quite fit or there wasn't enough time for it—or it was simply forgotten about. This is an outlet for artists to work through old ideas, both good and bad, and turn those ideas into a conversation with their peers.

The contemporary landscape of photography-driven culture is obsessed with presenting both people and their ideas as finished and perfected products, with very little room for showing process or error. But at the same time, we use social media as a constant window into other people's lives. DRAFT believes that the process and the fuckups are just as important as the final product—that ideas are valid, in their own right, before the polish is added.

Draft edition 1 frontmatter
bare feet holding a book on the arm of a tan leather couch
open book in black and white
shrink wrapped book